This is an insight about my life.  It reveals a little bit about the bad things that had happened, but most of all, it shows the steps that I had to go through and the changes that had occurred in my life that set me free from that of a victim to a victor.  That freedom came when Jesus Christ came into my life and He made me deal with my past hurts.  Once this happened, He placed me into His training program.

This training program that Jesus placed me into, was to test me, to see how strongly I believed in my Savior.  Would I try to do things my own way, or would I trust Him to handle those problems?  But in order for me to trust Him, I had to totally surrender my entire life to Jesus.  Then I had to die to self and give the Holy Spirit permission to take control over my soul.

I then learned through the Holy Spirit, how important it was to walk with Him every moment.  I was not allowed to look at any problem that might arise in my future; which could be a second from now.

I had to stay in the now, this present time, where Jesus was.  The more I walked that way, the more I could feel that Inner Peace growing inside.  This inner peace that only comes to those who truly have surrendered and walked obediently with Jesus.

I have changed.  I am no longer that person that I was in the past.  I am a new creation, a child of God.  I am learning, how important it is, to place all my problems onto Jesus’ shoulders.  The more I do, the better off I am feeling about myself and the happier I have become.

Once I was fully under Jesus’ control, He then put me through the fire for testing.  Would I once more do things on my own, or would I let Him handle every situation that I had to encounter?  I chose Jesus to handle everything.  So now inside me lives the Trinity.  There is Father God, His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

1 John 1 4:4 – Greater is He (the Trinity) that is in me, than he (Satan) that is in this world.


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