Chapter 2: God’s Direction

When I was inside my mother’s womb, Jesus had a calling on my life. It was because of this calling that I was under this attack from Satan. He didn’t want me to succeed in life, for fear of what I would become.  Throughout those years, Satan has tried various ways to destroy me.  But each time he tried, Jesus has always placed His angels around me for my protection.

I was very young when my mom took me to the Lutheran church.  At seven years old I had asked Jesus to come into my heart.  I had also promised Him that I would read the entire Bible, when I was a teenager and I did.  I loved hearing about Jesus and His Word.  Many nights I would knee down by my window and pray.  He answered my prayers.

Once I had graduated from the Sunday School Classes, I no long went to church.  Then in 1966 I married my husband, Ron.  Even then, we didn’t go to church.  During that time, we had two beautiful little girls.  But when Jesus gave me that strong craving to open up my Bible that day in 1972, I couldn’t ignore it.  The book that He had me open to was Revelation.  As I continued to read this book over and over again, the Lord revealed many things to me about the end times.  Then when I was reading other books in the Bible, I became fascinated, when I read about the prophets.  Prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and the others.  I also noticed that all these prophets, became close friends with God.  I wanted that same type of relationship with Jesus Christ.

The more  I study His Word, the closer I became, in knowing my Savior.  Finally, I was able to hear His voice, when He spoke.  I also had dreams and visions of future events that happened.  When I needed His assurance and I asked Him to give me some physical proof that He was there, He did.  This happened after my husband had died on November 2, 1985 from a heart attack.  He was only 43 years old.  I was left alone with my two teenage daughters.

A few days later after his funeral, I prayed, asking Jesus to give me something physical and real to look at.  I found a flower that had broken off and was lying on top of my hydrangea bush.  I picked up that flower and I brought it up to my house, where I placed it into a glass of water.  When people came over, I would show them the flower that God had given me.  This flower never grow any roots, but the stem was always green.  The pedals would turn from blue to pink than to white.  Dead pedals would fall off; new pedals would grow back.  This flower broke off of my bush in November of 1985 and it lived through July of 1986.  But once my focus was back upon Jesus, the flower died.

September 9, 2012 the Lord had given me another flower, as a sign.  In July of that year, I was excited, knowing that I would finally have surgery on my legs and soon, they would be free of anymore blockage.  But after my first operation, I got an infection in my left thigh, where this vein was removed and placed into my right leg.  Now with that problem, I knew that I would have to wait several more months before my left leg could be operated on.

That fall I noticed that there were three red flowers on my Azalea bush.  The amazing thing was, this Azalea bush only bloomed in the spring.  That was why Jesus performed this miracle.  He was letting me know that His angels were with me for my protection, and that He had everything under His control. Whenever trouble would come and I stood on His Word, He always brought me through that storm.

The first surgery that I would have, was to place a vein from my left thigh, into my right thigh.  That vein was used as an artery.  Once I was at home, a physical therapist would come to my house to teach me the different exercising that I needed to do.  These exercises would strengthen my leg muscles.  But on August 1st, I had noticed that there was some drainage that was coming out of my left thigh, where that vein was removed.  I asked the therapist if that was normal.  She said “It happens.”

Then I noticed that on August 3rd there was a strong smell coming from that wound.  It smelled like rotten meat. I sent an email to the doctor’s nurse telling her about the smell that was coming from my wound.  She made an appointment for me.  August 7th I saw the vascular doctor.  Once he noticed that my leg was indeed infected, he had that infection cut out around  that wound.  But several weeks later, that infection returned.  I then had to have an operation to remove it.  Once that was done, I was placed onto a machine that I had to wear 24 hours a day that would pull the infection out of my leg and into that machine.  That way the wound would healed from the inside out.

I was so discourage after that.  The only time I was able to turn it off, was when I took a shower, or when the nurse came to my house; which was every three days,to remove the infection bag that was in that machine.  During the night I had to place pillars on this machine, as my cats were trying different ways of stopping it.

Since I had to have this machine on for 6 to 12 weeks, I had a hard time dealing with this. At that time my grandson was in need a car and since I had to wear that machine for so long, I let him use it.  Then in December of that year, I just sign the title of my car over to him.

Before I had my leg surgery that July, the surgeon had an ultrasonic person mark two lines on my skin of my left leg.  These marks were the veins that he was going to use as an artery on each leg.  But because this infection was so deep, he couldn’t use it. Instead, in December of 2012, he had to place a graft into my left leg.  Because of this, I had to be on a blood thinner.

I was so glad that I didn’t take other people’s advice for granted, like I have always done in the past.  Instead, I listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit, warning me to notify the surgeon that the infection had gotten worse, so he could operate on my leg once more.  If I hadn’t done that and the infection got worse, my leg would have had to be amputated.  The Holy Spirit has and always will be there to guide me through those storms.



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