Who Am I?

I am a person, who didn’t know anything about my Savior Jesus Christ until my mom took me to church when I was a little girl.  At 7 years old I had asked Him to come into my life.  When I was a teenager, I had promised Him that I would read the Bible from cover to cover and that was what I did.  At nights I would knee down by my window and pray.  He answered my prayers.

This book that I am writing, is not only an insight about my life.  It teaches those wonderful things that I have learned through Christ Jesus that I want to share.  In 1972 I had gotten such a strong desire to read His Word that I couldn’t ignore it.  The book that He had placed me into was Revelation.  The more I read that book and the others that talked about the prophets, who had become close friends to God, I wanted that same type of relationship with Jesus Christ.  From then on, the Holy Spirit placed me into His training program.

The more I read His Word through the Bible and other books, the hungrier I became to knowing my Savior.  Finally, once the Holy Spirit had placed me in that training program, He became my Counselor, encouraging me to deal with my past hurts, so I could understand why things had to happen, and how I could be set free from these memories.

This book also reveals the miracles that God did, which saved my life many, many times.  But most of all, it is helping me deal with my emotions that I had hidden from myself for so long.  I need to feel and understand my emotions.  As a child due to my abuse, I refused to give anyone the satisfaction that it bothered me.  I also placed a wall around myself, letting no one in.   But after taking counseling courses, that I am going to share, I realized,  by doing that, I wasn’t letting God in either.  Once my book is finished, I will be set free from that of a victim to a victor.


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