Chapter 9: My Calling

After I had left the Baptist Church, I stayed at home and I read any book I could get that talked about Jesus.  But a few months later, I decided to take my children to a Christian Church that was close to our house.  That summer they were holding a Vacation Bible study that I enrolled my children in.  I also help there.  Once that was over, we started going to that church every Sunday.  When I went into their Sunday School class, I would asked a lot of questions to the teacher about the end times.  At first that teacher tried to answer those questions but soon, chose not to.  It turned out that this church was a lot like the one I had gone to, when I was a little girl.  They didn’t teach anything about Revelation or the end times.  Nor did they teach about the dreams that Daniel had about the end times.

I didn’t realize it then, but God was going to use me in a great way.  He placed me close to this pastor and his wife.  During the following summer, the pastor’s wife realized that the children’s program was getting, way to big.  She and her husband decided that the church needed to hire a youth pastor.  When they presented this to the congregation, it was voted to hire one.  A few weeks later, a couple, who had just graduated from a Bible School, started teaching the children.  My children and their friends and I just adored them.

One thing that this couple started, was a musical program.  My children got singing parts in this program.  They also told their friends about it, and they also joined.  A few weeks later that children’s ministry grew in numbers.  I became good friends with this couple, also.  Even my husband would come to this church and watch his children perform.  I finally thought that I had found a church where we could be happy.

But so many times, Satan will try to destroy a good thing.  This couple asked for a raise in salary.  The church had to vote.  But they had something else that they wanted, and that was an organ.  There was only enough money for one thing.  The members of this church chose the organ.  Then the pastor’s wife got jealous of the youth pastors’ success with the children.  She took over their class.  This couple had no one to teach.  Then I got a word from the Lord.  He told me to tell the pastor and his wife, what she was doing; which was wrong, and I did.  I later told that couple what the Lord had told me to tell her.  That couple got worried and they resigned from that church.  When this happened, I went home and I cried.  A week later, the pastor and his wife realized what they had done, and they too, resigned.  I believe God was teaching me, how Satan can blind the eyes of pastors like he did, through pride, jealousy and materialism.

There was one good thing that God did for me.  He arranged for my husband to buy me my  own horse.   All my life I have wanted to own a horse.  Ron had taken us to see a client in Bremen, Georgia.  While he was talking to his client, I was talking to his wife.  Ron came over to me, just in time to hear her say, “If you want a horse badly enough, you will need to get one when you are young.  I wanted a horse, but my husband told me I would have to wait.  Now that I can have one, I’m to old to enjoy it.”  That next day, Ron bought me a horse that I named Ranger Pride.  He was a five year old that was part Quarter horse and part Thoroughbred.   It was through this horse Ranger that I witnesses to many people about Jesus.

The fall of 1977 my oldest daughter wanted to join the Brownies.  She also wanted me to become an assistant leader.  I had all the intentions of doing that, until I learned that no one was willing to be a leader for the Junior Girl Scouts.  I was told this by Ellen, who was the Girl Scout coordinator.  God was also teaching me something here.  That I had a problem.  I would allow anyone to manipulate me into doing something else.  I became that troops leader; which upset my daughter, greatly.

I took over that leadership, but when I tried to have a meeting with the girls, no mother bothered to show up.  Because of that, I shouldn’t have held those meetings, but I did anyways.  Finally, a mother did come and help.  But she had her motive.  She told me one day, that I had to kick out a certain child.  The reason why?  Her daughter didn’t like her.  I told her that I didn’t care if she liked her or not, she was staying.  Later, there was another mother who wanted be a leader, but she had health problems.  She spread rumors about me, which were lies.  I got a phone call one day, where a mother had asked me, if the Girl Scout Organization had contacted me.  I told her, “No.”  Her reply, “I thought they didn’t.  That is why I am calling you.”  A few hours later, I received that phone call.  I phoned Ron telling him what had happened.  Ron told me not to go.  He said if I did, I would either get angry or cry.

I drove to the stable and as I was brushing Ranger, I prayed. “Please Lord, Help me during this trial that I am going to go to.  I am being accused of something that I didn’t do.  When I go to this meeting, please do not let me cry or get mad.”  During my trial I may have looked calm and relaxed on the outside.  At least that was how Ellen, the coordinator, saw me.  But on the inside I was shaking with rage.

I could relate to how Jesus must have felt, when He too, was accused of a crime, He never committed.  Even though, He took the abuse and accusations and seemed to remain calm on the outside, I’m sure He was like me, shaking with rage on the inside.

When I got home, I told Ron what had happened.  He told me to resign.  I did.  Several weeks later, the new leader phoned.  She told me that she and the other mothers realized that I was innocent, because that same mother that had spread those rumors about me, was doing it to her also.

A few months later, I received another phone call from Ellen.  She decided that she wanted to go to a Methodist Church, but she didn’t want to go alone.  Would I go with her?  I did.  After the service was over, Ellen and I went into the fellowship hall for some refreshments.  A woman came up to me and we started talking.  I told her how hungry I was for God’s Word.  I said, “I want to know more about Jesus and the end times.  But I can’t find a church that will teach me.”  Her reply, “I’m going to a Bible study up in Marietta at a Baptist Church.  I think this is the course that you will be interested in.”

Tuesday morning I drove over to her house and she drove me up to Marietta.  The speaker was Kay Arthur, who taught Precepts upon Precepts.  After hearing her preach, we went into a different classrooms and we discussed the message she taught.   We were giving homework, where I had to outline the chapter we were in.  Then I had to underline the repeated words or phrases in that chapter with different colored pencils.  I had to buy a Vines and Strong Concordance, the Greek and Hebrew Lexicon and the West Dictionary.

The first time I carried my Bible out in public, I was embarrassed, so I would hide it.  But once I learned more about Jesus, I was proud to be able to witness to others.  I was under Kay Arthur for four years.  That desire that I had came true, when I completed the course on Revelation. I decided that I would take my Bible out to the stable and anyone that I saw, I told them about the end times.

There was a girl that I met at the stable.  She was an 18 year old and she was Jewish.  She found that book on Revelation to be very interested.  She accepted Jesus Christ into her heart.  Other people at the stable also became very interested in the Bible.  Soon, there were six of us, who wanted to know more about Jesus.  We started searching around for other believers, who would teach us more.  At a Presbyterian church, there was a man who was renting the fellowship hall at this church.  He taught us about the Holy Spirit and the different gifts Jesus had given to the church.

The six of us decided to visit that Presbyterian Church one Sunday.  But when we sat down and listened to his message, it was wrong.  I prayed, “Jesus.  Please reveal to this minister that what he preached, was wrong.”  All of a sudden, the Holy Spirit fell upon this minister.  He started speaking in tongues.  He also interpreted what he spoke into English.  He then said to his congregation.  “Everything that I preached about was wrong.  Please, forgive me.”   Because Presbyterians do not speak in tongues, nor do they interpret, the members of that congregation were furious.  They told the man that was renting the fellowship hall that he had to leave.  He went his way; we went ours.



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